Top 10 Best Cinnamon Scents: Spice Up Your Space! 2024

Ah, the aroma of cinnamon! Its warm, spicy scent that permeates the home is exceptionally comforting, satisfying, and inviting. The fragrance of cinnamon often brings to mind festive winter gatherings, and it can be enjoyed in numerous unique ways.

Cinnamon is not only a popular spice, but also a widely-used scent found in various products like candles, air fresheners, and perfumes. Derived from the bark of cinnamon trees, this robust scent has a long history of use in various cultures around the world. Dating back to ancient Egypt, cinnamon has been used in perfumes and was even thought to be an ingredient in sacred anointing oils.

But let’s not ramble on, let’s take a look at the 10 best cinnamon scents!

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The Top 10 Trending Cinnamon Scents

Cinnamon scents are captivating and alluring, perfect for those who want to make a statement. Here are the top 10 cinnamon scents, each one emanating its distinctive charm.

Herod – Parfums de Marly

 cinnamon scents herod parfums de marly
by Pinterest

This luxurious scent is a combination of cinnamon, pepper, and osmanthus as refreshing top notes, followed by a warm heart of tobacco leaf, incense, and labdanum, finished with a captivating vanilla, cedar, and musk base.

The fragrance starts immediately after spraying with a nice cinnamon note, which is paired with light tobacco. In the drydown, the fragrance actually remains very linear and sticks to the pattern except that a nice vanilla is added which then brings in the sweetness. The fragrance has good longevity and lasts around 8-10 hours on my skin. The silage is good and you can easily pass it around you.

Spicebomb Extreme – Viktor & Rolf

 cinnamon scents Spicebomb Extreme - Viktor & Rolf
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Known for its explosive aroma, Spicebomb Extreme features invigorating top notes of grapefruit and bergamot, a heart with the enticing blend of cinnamon, lavender, and black pepper, and a warm base of potent tobacco, cumin, and tonka bean.

The spicy cinnamon note right at the beginning is not too overpowering, but still fully there and very pleasant to wear. Not a classic gourmand, but an interesting fragrance for cold days with a mixture of coziness and oriental mysticism. The fragrance changes only minimally as it progresses, with only amber and vanilla forming a subtle base to the heart notes at some point.

Both the sillage and the longevity are excellent and I have already been asked about it several times. This cinnamon scent is perfect for a company Christmas party, a visit to the Christmas market, or a date in the colder months of the year.

Alive – Hugo Boss

 cinnamon scents alive hugo boss
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Boss Alive is a vibrant mix of apple, black currant, and Madagascan vanilla with a heart of cinnamon, jasmine, and thyme that dries down to a comforting Tonka bean, cedar, and musk base.

The name says it all, you come alive with this fragrance. The combination of cinnamon, plum and vanilla is to die for, simply delicious, like a great dessert that doesn’t taste too sweet despite the ingredients mentioned, rather tangy and fruity.

Angels’ Share – Kilian

 cinnamon scents kilian angels share
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Taking inspiration from the whiskey-making tradition, Angels’ Share carries notes of cinnamon, tonka bean, and oak, complemented by a smooth and creamy vanilla, praline, and sandalwood base.

The cinnamon scent, sweet cognac note and the heavy/strong scent tail is definitely winter for me. To me, the whole thing smells like a very tasty, fluffy cake with an alcoholic filling. The scent immediately warms you up and envelops you in a cozy feeling. The longevity and sillage are very good.

Khamrah خمرة – Lattafa / لطافة

cinnamon scents lattafa khamrah
IG: lattafa_perfumes

This alluring Oriental fragrance infuses cinnamon and ginger top notes with a tobacco, amber, and vanilla heart, culminating in a base of oud, musk, and cedarwood.

If you’re looking for a 1:1 dupe of Angels’ Share, you won’t find it here in my opinion. The vibe is similar. It´s a cinnamon scent, too. Okay. But for me, Khamrah is a completely independent fragrance with a unique, beautiful scent DNA.

A very lovely, mild and creamy sweet vanilla winter fragrance. 2-3 sprays are totally fine.
Khamrah really cuts through the cold and the longevity is also very good. For this price? Insane. It’s definitely worth a try!

Good Girl – Carolina Herrera

 cinnamon scents good girl
by Pinterest

A perfect harmony of cinnamon, almond, tonka bean, and white floral notes, this feminine fragrance showcases a seductive base of cashmere wood, patchouli, and cacao.

This provocative cinnamon scent is sexy and feminine and designed for a grand entrance. It is a must-have for a woman who likes sensual, sweet fragrances that make you stand out. The longevity and sillage are excellent and I also think the price-performance ratio is reasonable.
The bottle is an absolute eye-catcher, of course, and in my opinion it also fits the fragrance perfectly. An extravagant fragrance, but not for good girls!

Wanted by Night – Azzaro

 cinnamon scents wanted by night azzaro
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A nighttime scent like no other, Wanted by Night features an opening of cinnamon, mandarin, and lavender and transcends to a heart filled with tobacco, cedarwood, and patchouli, all resting on a potent amberwood and vanilla base.

It starts with tangerine and cinnamon, almost like the plate of sweets we used to get at St. Nicholas. Shortly afterwards, I find myself at the Christmas market at the crepe stand and the person next to me orders with cinnamon and sugar. Nevertheless, it is accompanied by a continuous, light freshness. Longevity and sillage of this cinnamon scent are slightly above average in my opinion.

Youth-Dew – Estēe Lauder

 cinnamon scents youth dew estee lauder
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This timeless classic boasts a captivating blend of lavender, cloves, and cinnamon up top, a floral heart of rose, jasmine, and ylang-ylang, and a warm, sensual base formed by moss, patchouli, vanilla.

This is my mom’s fragrance experience: I find the scent very elegant, but also modern, spicy and beguiling, as well as being over-the-top aromatic, lush, oriental, woody, floral, simply everything there is in the fragrance world.

You hardly dare to apply the fragrance, the smell is so beguiling when you open the beautiful bottle. You really need very little of it and the whole room is filled with this sensual, fine fragrance.

I actually only ever use it on Advent Sundays, when family members get together for a cozy afternoon with tea and Christmas cookies. I always particularly look forward to this and that’s why this cinnamon scent is always a cozy, friendly pre-Christmas fragrance for me.

Ultra Mâle – Jean Paul Gaultier

A fragrance that exudes daring masculinity, Ultra Mâle includes sweet top notes of pear, mint, and bergamot, a spicy and invigorating middle comprising cinnamon, sage, and lavender, and a base of warming amber, vanilla, and cedarwood.

It starts and stays strong and good. A fruity-sweet pear with cool lavender (never smelled like this) leads to a really cool vanilla note. It smells like expensive niche at a designer price. Really lasts 6 hours. Not forgetting, of course, the perfume bottle that looks like a body. Hats off JPG!

Naxos – Xerjoff

 cinnamon scents naxos xerjoff
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An exquisite blend of cinnamon, honey, and bergamot as a welcoming opening, Naxos features a rich, complex heart of clove, cashmere, and jasmine and a deep, lingering base of tobacco, tonka bean, and vanilla that leaves a lasting impression.

This fragrance is often associated as an entry-level fragrance in the niche world. I can’t blame anyone, almost everyone loves it. Almost everyone except me. I like smelling it on other people, but I just can’t wear it. The harmony of tobacco and honey just doesn’t want to unfold on my skin. Nevertheless, I find this cinnamon scent is very suitable for winter and recommend it to anyone who wants to venture into the world of Xerjoff.


Cinnamon scents have a distinct aroma that many people find appealing and comforting. In this FAQ section, we’ll explore some aspects of cinnamon scents, from their seductive qualities to how they are used in perfumes and similar smelling spices.

Is cinnamon a seductive scent?

Cinnamon scents are often regarded as seductive due to its warm, sweet, and slightly spicy aroma. Its enticing fragrance can create an intimate atmosphere, making it a popular choice for candles and essential oils used in romantic settings. The presence of aromatic chemicals such as cinnamaldehyde, eugenol, and linalool in cinnamon contributes to its warm and alluring scent.

Is there a perfume that smells like cinnamon rolls?

Yes, there are perfumes that smell like cinnamon rolls. These fragrances often combine sweet and spicy notes, such as vanilla, caramel, and cinnamon, to evoke the aroma of freshly baked cinnamon rolls. Although it may be challenging to find a perfume that exclusively smells like cinnamon rolls, many perfumes and colognes use cinnamon as a base note, blending it with other scents to create a warm, comforting fragrance.

What spice smells similar to cinnamon?

Nutmeg is a spice that has a similar scent to cinnamon. Both nutmeg and cinnamon have woody, warm, and sweet aromas, making them popular choices for use in winter holidays celebrations. Nutmeg has a slightly sweeter and more delicate aroma compared to the spicier scent of cinnamon. They are often used together in various dishes and products to create a well-rounded fragrance profile.

If you liked this blog post about the topic: cinnamon scents, don’t forget to leave us a comment down below to tell us about your experience with it. You want more scents for the winter? Then don´t forget to read our post about the best winter scents in 2024!

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