Editorial Guidelines

ScentedWorld.net is an independent platform dedicated to sharing the latest fragrance trends, revealing tips and tricks and providing the most important perfume knowledge.

These editorial guidelines represent the core values of our approach. If you feel that our content is not in line with these principles, please contact us at contact@scentedworld.net.

Our Reporting

When reporting information that may not be intimately available or which may paint an individual or association in a way they find disagreeable, we always seek comment.

If we admit new information after publication, we update our existing story or add a new one as necessary and as quickly as possible.

When notified of implicit factual errors in our work, we will attempt to argue them and publish a correction if a mistake has been made.
We also offer anyone mentioned in a story a right of reply. If you feel you or your company has been misrepresented or wish to expand on a story please get in touch.

We try not publish information entered from sources (named or anonymous) without trying to confirm it with added sources. We cover the individualities of anyone who provides information to us anonymously. We don’t pay sources for information.

When reporting on information revealed by another publication, we always give prominent credit and link through to the original work where we can.
Occasionally our work requires us to travel to report on events, people and organizations.

If we accept travel and accommodation from third parties to facilitate our editorial coverage, we will disclose this in the relevant article(s).

Our Professional Engagements

As part of our work, we are in contact with perfume boutiques, independent perfumers, publishers and other institutions, work with creatives and public relations staff and always conduct ourselves in a professional manner.

If a company stops communicating with us completely (sometimes referred to as “blacklisting”), we will endeavor to maintain the same high standards of reporting, fairness, analysis and criticism without being influenced by the circumstances.

Out of respect for the individuals and their opinions or expertise, we refrain from discussing these incidents publicly unless there is a compelling editorial reason to do so – for example, if the integrity of the publication is at stake or if it would delay the publication of important information, such as highly anticipated reviews.

Advertising & Commercial Activities

The editorial and advertising areas at Scentedworld are separate. The content on the Scentedworld website and our social channels such as our Pinterest account is at the sole discretion of the editors and is never influenced by commercial considerations.

Our advertising team adheres to the principles of fairness, honesty, and transparency when dealing with advertisers.

We do not accept advertising that automatically plays audio or contains offensive content. We also do not allow inappropriate advertising content and will take action to remove it if it appears on the site. If you feel that any advertising on the website does not meet these criteria, please contact us.

Occasionally we add links to retailers (e.g. Amazon) and may receive a commission on purchases made through these links. However, these links do not influence our editorial decisions. They only appear in articles related to the product in question and are presented in neutral languages, such as: “See the current price for [this product] on Amazon”.