Top 6 Amazing Perfume in a Pink Square Bottle in 2024!

Introducing Perfume in a Pink Square Bottle

We often view life through a lens of positivity, as if seeing the world with rose-tinted glasses. What complements this bright outlook? Precisely, a scent contained in a charming, blush-toned square bottle! We have selected the top six of these and are keen to introduce them to you straightaway. It’s time to dive in!

The 6 Best Perfume in a Pink Square Bottle

Discovering the perfect perfume in a pink square bottle can be a delightful experience. In this section, we will reveal our top 6 choices that not only look captivating on the dressing table but also have exceptional fragrances.

La Vie est Belle Intensément – Lancôme

 perfume in a pink square bottle la vie est belle
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La Vie est Belle Intensément by Lancôme is a perfume in a pink square bottle and is a romantic and feminine scent that combines floral and gourmand notes. The rich and vibrant fragrance features vanilla, iris, raspberry, and sandalwood, encapsulating the essence of celebrating life’s sweet moments.

The iris flower, floral powdery leathery smoky, is the star here, and already smellable in the top note. All other notes are the robe, which makes them seem feminine sweet, and pleasing, despite their edges. On the skin, the sweet soft vanilla also comes out briskly. I can’t even recognize the floral absolute as jasmine or orange blossom at first, as they are overlaid by sweet raspberry and the strong iris.

In the hair, however, jasmine does come out well and adds a bit of sultriness on top. I like the base here more than the original, I just like vanilla. Vanilla, iris, and raspberry are the strongest notes for me, but somehow the typical base of the original is also stirred in.

I see a table set in late summer in the garden in front of me, there is a sweet dessert and lots of dried flowers as decoration. Blackcurrant or blackberry are meanwhile preferable to me as fruit notes in perfumes, the raspberry here is merely ok for me, as it seems too childish.

Guilty Elixir de Parfum pour Femme – Gucci

 perfume in a pink square bottle Guilty Elixir de Parfum pour Femme
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Gucci’s Guilty Elixir de Parfum pour Femme is a seductive and captivating perfume in a pink square bottle. The scent features a mix of fruity and floral notes, such as blackberry, mandarin, jasmine, and musk. This mesmerizing fragrance is perfect for the confident and modern woman who wants to make a statement. And it also make a significant impact on the collection of perfume in a pink square bottles!

Mon Guerlain Intense – Guerlain

 perfume in a pink square bottle mon guerlain intense
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Mon Guerlain Intense is an exceptional and elegant perfume in a pink square bottle. Its combination of lavender, vanilla, and sandalwood makes it a warm and intense perfume. With its perfect mix of sweet and spicy notes, this perfume effortlessly captures the spirit of femininity.

Here I smell, unlike the EdP, a beautiful lavender note. The sweetness is soft and restrained, not acidic, and does not fill entire rooms for hours. And then the vanilla… For me, Guerlain can do the best vanilla in fragrances. It didn’t work for the EdP with the Guerlain vanilla, but here… Beautiful!

Patchouli dims the whole thing, I also perceive a slightly smoky note, but can’t place it if it comes from the patchouli. Sandalwood adds a soft woodiness to it. Tangerines are also listed, but I can only perceive them very slightly. It is a sweet-fruity mandarine, which in any case suits the fragrance well and comes so at the transition from the top note to the heart note briefly times.

The longer the fragrance is on the skin, the more beautiful it becomes. The sweetness retreats more and more and the fragrance gains more depth. The patchouli-sandalwood combination is wonderful, the fragrance almost gains a little … Freshness. The patchouli is earthy – but not gothic. Sounds weird, but anyone who knows the scent of freshly broken earth from the outside knows what I mean by earthy.

Meanwhile, I’m also pretty sure that the slight smokiness at the beginning of the base comes from the patchouli. Simply beautiful…

My Personal Favorite of Guerlain
Mon Guerlain Intense, Eau de Parfum 3.3 Ounce
$107.89 ($32.69 / Ounce)

✅Perfect for a date night

❌Too strong for the office

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Donna Born In Roma Pink PP – Valentino

 perfume in a pink square bottle Valentino Donna Born In Roma Pink
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Valentino’s Donna Born In Roma Pink PP is a delightful stunning perfume in a pink square bottle. The fragrance is inspired by the romantic city of Rome and features a blend of jasmine, Bourbon vanilla, and pink pepper. Capturing the essence of modern elegance, this perfume is an excellent choice for those who love chic and sophisticated scents.

Marzocco – Roberto Ugolini

 perfume in a pink square bottle marzocco
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Marzocco by Roberto Ugolini is an enchanting eye-catching perfume in a pink square bottle. This delightful scent combines fruity and floral notes such as red berries, peony, and musk.

The best in my opinion is the top note. Not because the base is not beautiful, but because this is quite close to the skin and not the performance towards the end, unfortunately, falls off quite quickly. That was also the reason why I had some thoughts about whether it creates this at all in my collection. But: Who is looking for a nice fragrance for in between with a beautiful top note, here it is.

As I said, the top note is the highlight for me here. This one just seems clean, sweet-creamy, well-groomed, and has a slight ice candy vibe to it in a positive sense. A very classy DNA that you don’t come across often and will also positively resonate with. It’s hard not to like. You get creamy tangerine, which is fruity-fresh convincing and gets a nice creaminess.

Delicate floral notes quickly follow, which do not come across as too feminine. 2-3 hours really a very seductive fragrance that radiates unique and pleasant. The base unfortunately becomes very very weak, which should be considered. Close to the skin, you get a fluffy musk with wood and some sweetness, which does not radiate very well.

On the whole, for me, nevertheless, a worthwhile investment because you can always wear this and this is already unique, noble, and simply pleasant. Roberto Ugolini would recommend an Intense due to the popularity of Marzocco, which performs about 10 hours with good sillage.

À La Rose – Maison Francis Kurkdjian

 perfume in a pink square bottle À La Rose by Maison Francis Kurkdjian
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À La Rose by Maison Francis Kurkdjian is a sophisticated and elegant perfume that comes in a chic pink square bottle. This fragrance is inspired by Marie Antoinette’s love for roses, and it celebrates femininity, grace, and beauty.

When I spray it on, I smell a young rose that is still closed and has not yet blossomed.
Over time it becomes rosy-creamy, elegant, you smell well-groomed, unobtrusive and fresh.
There are no fragrance notes that I would find disturbing, it is a rosy, light rose fragrance.
Unfortunately, the sillage leaves a lot to be desired, as is often the case with fresh and rosy fragrances. However, this is completely offset by the feel-good effect.

Shopping for Perfume

We know how challenging it can be to find that perfect perfume, especially when you’re looking for something as specific as a perfume in a pink square bottle. Fret not! We’re here to help you navigate the world of perfumes and make your shopping experience more enjoyable.

When it comes to finding a unique perfume in a pink square bottle, you might want to start by checking out some of the fragrance options at Sephora, where you can find a wide range of scents to suit your taste. For even more options, you can visit to explore their curated list of perfumes housed in pink bottles, including Victoria’s Secret Bombshell.

For those looking for a more personalized touch or a distinctive gift idea, Etsy offers a variety of handmade, custom, and unique perfume in pink square bottles. From vintage-inspired designs to sleek and modern styles, you’re sure to find something that matches your aesthetic.


As enthusiasts of perfume in a pink square bottle, we’ve gathered some frequently asked questions to help you make the most out of your fragrance experience.

How to apply perfume properly?

Choose the right spots: Apply perfume on your pulse points, such as your inner wrists, behind the ears, the base of the throat, and behind the knees. These areas emit natural body heat, which amplifies the scent.
Spray from a distance: Hold the bottle about 10-15 cm away from your skin. This ensures a more even distribution of the fragrance.
Avoid rubbing: After applying your perfume, avoid rubbing your wrists together as it may distort the scent profile.

How long does perfume last?

The longevity of a perfume can vary greatly, depending on several factors:
Quality: High-quality fragrances tend to have better staying power. A well-crafted perfume in a pink square bottle could last anywhere from 4 to 12 hours.
Concentration: Eau de parfum usually lasts longer than eau de toilette due to its higher concentration of fragrance oils.
Skin type: People with naturally oily skin may find their perfume lasts longer than those with drier skin.

How to store perfume?

Proper storage is crucial to maintain the quality and longevity of your perfume in a pink square bottle. Keep the following tips in mind:
Keep it cool and dry: Store your perfume in a cool, dry, and dark place to prevent the fragrance from degrading. Avoid exposing it to direct sunlight or extreme temperatures.
Limit oxygen exposure: Keep the bottle tightly sealed to minimize the perfume’s exposure to air. Oxygen can alter your fragrance’s scent and longevity.
Be mindful of humidity: Avoid storing your perfume in the bathroom, as moisture and humidity can harm the fragrance. A dresser drawer or closet is a better choice.

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