The 5 Best Perfume in Red Square Bottle in 2024!

The Top 5 Perfume in Red Square Bottle

You requested it, and we’ve made it happen. Presenting the pinnacle of luxurious fragrances in a remarkable square ruby container. We offer a perfume for everyone, catering to desires from enchantingly feminine to attractively masculine. It’s time to start captivating those around you!

Baccarat Rouge 540 Extrait – Maison Francis Kurkdjian

 perfume in red square bottle baccarat rouge
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This unique scent from the house of Maison Francis Kurkdjian is a delightful blend of jasmine, saffron, cedarwood, and ambergris. Baccarat Rouge 540 Extrait is a powerful and warm fragrance that truly captures the elegance of perfume in red square bottle.

From the beginning, it emanates a very special and spicy sweetness, which is slightly dry and underpinned with woody and floral notes.
The longer the fragrance develops, the musk forms a creaminess, which is wonderfully complemented by the notes of bitter almond.

The floral notes of jasmine flowers always remain in the background.
The sweetness continues to develop as it progresses to a cotton candy-like and dreamy sweetness, but in its own way, it remains incomparable and very exceptional. Never cardboard-sweet or sticky. Always dry, background powdery, and woody-creamy underpinnings.

There are few scents to compare Baccarat Rouge 540 to, the uniqueness is the magic here. Throughout the composition, saffron is also present and gives a special spice. It is the signature of the overall picture and makes the fragrance seem incomparable.
The sillage is enormous, a cloud of fragrance flows around you permanently but never penetrates my nose. Always passive, but it is always there.
Durability is also gigantic.

Finally, to draw a comparison to the Eau de Parfum… the DNA is present and recognizable again.
However, the performance is much more powerful. For those for whom the EdP does not have enough on it, the Extrait will certainly bring the desired performance.
For me, a very special perfume in red square bottle, which complements any collection.

Electric Cherry – Tom Ford

 perfume in red square bottle electric cherry by tom ford
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Electric Cherry by Tom Ford stands out with its sensual cherry notes mingling with touches of amber, orange flower, and roasted tonka beans. This perfume is a must-have for those looking for a splendid scent encapsulated in a perfume in red square bottle.

A very intriguing fragrance. When you open the perfume, it bores into the nose. It sounds like hot peppers and the characteristic ginger. The background for the spicy notes is again a big cloud of musk, behind which are juicy, firm cherries. But this cherry is not a fruit, fruit mousse and some cherry juice or it can be very diluted cherry vodka, in addition, improved dissolved resin was added.

You can smell the resins, but there is no balsamic dimension. A single petal of creamy jasmine is also perceptible in the cherry juice. The finish is fresh, penetrating, pungent, expressive ale, and seemingly musky, juicy cherry and floral aromas.

After the development of hot pepper and ginger notes, they again weaken and the origin disappears. The smell becomes sweet, soapy, fruity-floral. Creamy jasmine and a few drops of sweet resin can be heard in the background. To this is added, and now, a dense cloud of white musk. In this way, the whole is soapy, musky, floral, cherry, and slightly juicy.

There is something about the unique creature that even attracts me, but the more the fragrance develops, the more mundane it becomes. Beyond that, the parameters are the same. The perfume in red square bottle lasted about 7 hours on me, could be a bit longer for a Tom Ford fragrance, but not to be underestimated.

4 Rosso Extrait de Parfum – Roberto Ugolini

 perfume in red square bottle 4 rosso roberto ugolini
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Roberto Ugolini’s 4 Rosso Extrait de Parfum is a delicate mix of fruity and floral notes, including blackcurrant, raspberries, rose, and vanilla. This fragrance is perfect for those who appreciate a balanced, alluring scent that comes with a chic perfume in red square bottle.

The fragrance is incredibly well balanced between merely sweet and light damask rose but slightly more leathery or here I think the guaiac wood note, the pepper, the ylang-ylang, the saffron and the angelica create the “leathery” note.

The “leathery” notes and the caramel note are initially present and well perceivable. After a few minutes you smell in my opinion for a short time the damask rose and the pepper and the caramel very well out however they are relatively quickly gone again. The caramel note, however, pulls longer and more conspicuous through the scent course but becomes lighter and weaker with time but is still present.

On the whole, the “leathery” note or smoky note remains the most noticeable and is the main player. Bit rose and pepper comes in between again.

Who stands on leathery masculine perfume in red square bottle with a hint of sweetness with a seductive touch is right here.

Lyric Woman – Amouage

 amouage lyric woman in a perfume in red square bottle
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An Oriental spicy perfume, Lyric Woman from Amouage features bergamot, spices, rose, and sandalwood alongside base notes of frankincense and vanilla. With its rich and captivating perfume in red square bottle, this perfume adds a touch of elegance to any collection.

Wow, the beginning of this perfume in red square bottle is overwhelming! Not just because it smells nice, but because it smells like so many great scents that I don’t even know where to start!

So I smell floral notes, namely roses and angelica, and of course sweet jasmine. This sweetness is enhanced a bit more by cinnamon. I smell a bit of oakmoss as well. Cardamom and cinnamon, for example, get stronger and stronger, as do the roses.

In general, I find that the roses are probably the strongest scent here for a while (especially in the heart note), as you can smell them and their floral and slightly sour-sweet scent very well. Subsequently, the musk then continues to emerge, smelling nicely sweet in a kind of medium-heavy way, which I sometimes also refer to as “darkly sweet” here.

The softness comes from the slightly powdery scents of the tonka bean, which makes a scent similar to vanilla more powdery, the added warmth of the scent is an interplay of many scents like the woods, the aforementioned tonka bean and musk.

Then towards the end, I smell mostly tonka bean, woods and a little musk, as well as vanilla and vetiver. A really nice perfume in red square bottle that smells great at any point in the fragrance progression!

Rouge – Narciso Rodriguez

 rouge, a perfume in red square bottle
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Rouge by Narciso Rodriguez is a perfect blend of iris, rose, musk, and tonka bean, offering a soft yet sensual fragrance. Captured in a striking perfume in red square bottle, it makes for an excellent addition to any perfume lover’s collection.

The iris with its floral powdery nature harmonizes incredibly well with the rose in the top note. Both make a great interplay and bring out the fruity-floral-sweet aroma very well. This creates a great feminine scent.

The tart sweetness of the musk rounds out the top note duo expertly, giving it that kick of warmth without being overbearing. More minutes pass and the tonka bean strikes with its beguiling aroma. A slightly bitter vanilla note emerges, but it is not in the foreground.

The dark mysterious notes of black cedar now come through more and more. The scent becomes spicy, woody and gets a nice depth. The whole thing is reinforced by the vetiver, which ties in perfectly with its rooty/smoky aroma. What remains is a mystical, slightly creamy powdery scent with a great sharpness and a huge dose of femininity.

The durability of the perfume in red square bottle is very good in my opinion. It lasts virtually bombproof throughout the day and starts to weaken after a good 7-8 hours. The sillage is intense and long perceptible. It leaves a powdery/spicy fragrance cloud that remains in the memory of one or the other.

Perfume in Red Square Bottle FAQ

In this FAQ section, we’ll address some common questions related to perfume in red bottles.

Which perfume comes in a red bottle?

Elizabeth Arden Red Door is a classic perfume in red square bottle. Launched in 1989, it has remained popular over the years due to its elegant and sophisticated appeal. The perfume’s simple yet eye-catching design consists of a red lid, making it easily recognizable on the shelves.

What smells like Gucci Rush?

If you’re looking for a scent similar to Gucci Rush, consider trying Calvin Klein’s Euphoria or Yves Saint Laurent’s Cinema. These perfumes share some of the same dominant notes found in Gucci Rush, such as vanilla and floral undertones. While they may not be perfect replicas, both Euphoria and Cinema capture the sensual and alluring essence of Gucci Rush.

Is Gucci Rush discontinued?

As of now, Gucci Rush is not officially discontinued. However, its availability may vary depending on regional markets and retailers. It can still be found for sale on various online platforms, like official Gucci websites, as well as third-party sellers.

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