Top 10 Best Kim Kardashian Perfume Bottles In 2024!

Our 10 Best Kim Kardashian Perfume Bottles

If you love Kim Kardashian’s signature fragrances, you’ll definitely want to check out our curated list of the top 10 Kim Kardashian Perfume Bottles. We’ve selected the most captivating scents that have cemented her reputation in the perfume industry, from her earliest releases to the latest. These perfumes are showcased in distinctive bottle designs. Whether you’re searching for a unique scent for yourself or the ideal gift for someone special, our collection is here to cater to your needs.

Pure Honey – KKW Fragrance

 kim kardashian perfume bottle pure honey
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Pure Honey is a delightful fragrance with a sweet, captivating scent. The Kim Kardashian perfume bottle features a minimalist design with a honeycomb pattern adorned on the sides, reflecting the delicate aroma of pure honey within.

Kim Kardashian – KKW Fragrance

 kim kardashian perfume bottle
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An early addition to the KKW Fragrance line, the Kim Kardashian perfume bottle showcases a curvaceous form, inspired by her famous silhouette. The scent is a lush blend of fragrant flowers and alluring notes, fitting for the sophisticated design.

Fleur Fatale – KKW Fragrance

 kim kardashian perfume bottle fleur fatale
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Fleur Fatale features a unique, futuristic bottle design that represents the powerful and irresistible scent within. Its captivating blend of fruits and flowers makes it a popular choice among fans of the KKW Fragrance collection.

True Reflection – KKW Fragrance

 kim kardashian perfume bottle true reflection
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One of the best Kim Kardashian perfume bottles, True Reflection boasts a distinctive bottle with a mirrored surface that offers a glimpse of luxury. The fragrance is a sensual combination of peach, gardenia, and patchouli, among other ingredients.

Body – KKW Fragrance

 kim kardashian perfume bottle body 1
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The Body perfume bottle is instantly recognizable. Shaped like a miniature sculpture of Kim Kardashian’s body, the bottle’s design sparked conversations upon its release. Inside, the fragrance has a pure, clean scent that pleasantly surprises those expecting a more provocative aroma.

Body III – KKW Fragrance

 kim kardashian perfume bottle body 3
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Continuing with the captivating body-shaped design, Body III introduces a new fragrance with bolder, more mysterious notes. The warmer tones of this scent make it ideal for an alluring evening ensemble.

Body II – KKW Fragrance

 kim kardashian perfume bottle body 2
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Body II evolves the unique form of the original Body bottle with a more understated, frosted appearance. The fragrance within features an enchanting blend of floral and fruity notes, creating a lively yet sensual aura.

Caramel Orchid – KKW Fragrance

 kim kardashian perfume bottle Caramel Orchid
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Caramel Orchid possesses a distinctively shaped bottle, emitting an air of sophistication and elegance. The scent inside is a heavenly blend of juicy fruits, sweet florals, and creamy caramel, making it a must-have for gourmand fragrance lovers.

Hearts Silver – KKW Fragrance

 kim kardashian perfume bottle hearts silver
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The Hearts Silver Kim Kardashian perfume bottle perfume bottle is both charming and playful, representing the fun and flirty nature of the fragrance. Encased in a delicate heart-shaped bottle, the scent is a delightful mixture of bright fruit and floral notes.

KKW x Kris – KKW Fragrance

 kim kardashian perfume bottle KKW x Kris
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A collaboration between Kim Kardashian and her mother, Kris Jenner, the KKW x Kris perfume bottle exudes refinement and class. Featuring a geometric design that represents the strong bond between them, the fragrance is a harmonious blend of uplifting, fresh notes that celebrate their shared love of perfume.


Curious about the Kim Kardashian perfume bottle and its related details? You’ve come to the right place! We’ve gathered some frequently asked questions and their answers to provide some insight.

What perfume does Kim Kardashian actually wear?

Kim Kardashian’s perfume line, KKW Fragrance, includes a variety of scents that she wears and promotes. Some popular ones are Crystal Gardenia, Crystal Gardenia Citrus, and Crystal Gardenia Oud. Each fragrance comes in a unique, crystal-shaped bottle that adds to their appeal.

Does KKW fragrance still exist?

Yes, KKW Fragrance still exists and continues to release new perfumes. Some of their more recent additions include KKW Body II and III Fragrances, which come in bottles shaped like Kim Kardashian’s body. With a growing range of scents and unique packaging, KKW Fragrance remains a popular choice for fans of Kim Kardashian.

Why is Kim Kardashian shutting down KKW fragrance?

While there have been some rumors and speculations, Kim Kardashian has not announced the closure of KKW Fragrance. In fact, the brand continues to thrive and collaborate with other celebrities, as seen with Kim’s KKW Fragrance collaboration with Kylie Jenner. As of now, KKW Fragrance is still active and producing new scents for its customers.

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