The 4 Most Wanted Ariana Grande Perfumes in 2024

Ariana Grande Perfume Collection

It’s fair to say that we’ve all caught ourselves humming to an Ariana Grande tune at some moment. I’ve always held her in high esteem, but experiencing her unique fragrances has deepened my appreciation even further. Ever wondered what it’s like to catch a scent of Ari’s personality? Let’s together unveil the magic encapsulated in Ariana Grande’s collection of perfumes. I’ll highlight some of my favorite picks, but don’t go anywhere; there’s a lot more to uncover in Ariana Grande’s fragrance array!

My personal favorite and the most popular scent is the Cloud Eau de Parfum. This uplifting fragrance is described as dreamy and playful, making it ideal for those who seek an inspiring and energizing scent. When I first smelled this fragrance, I thought to myself: wait a minute. I know you from somewhere?! When I left the scent of something on the skin in peace, I smelled it again. Now it occurs to me: you must be the little sister of Baccarat Rouge! But much younger and fresher.

A limited edition offering in the Ariana Grande perfume lineup is the Thank u, next 2.0 Eau de Parfum. This fruity blend of strawberry, apple, pomegranate, and marshmallow has an airy feel to it, while musk and woody notes add depth to the fragrance. It is a perfect choice for those who appreciate a sweet and light aroma.

The MOD Vanilla Eau de Parfum is another noteworthy addition to Ariana’s fragrance collection. This instantly addicting perfume opens with dark plum and musk, followed by a sophisticated touch of orris and praline. The scent is completed with the unforgettable signature of vanilla absolute and cocoa, making it a fan favorite.

I smell a delicious raspberry out; even if none is listed. Probably this is the plum from the top note. The scent reminds me of the raspberry cream candies from my childhood. Not too sweet but still too sweet as a perfume for my taste.

Lastly, Ariana’s R.E.M. Eau de Parfum is an exclusive dreamy fragrance with a sweet and woody scent. It has a delightful hot cocoa aroma with a woody undertone that makes it perfect for layering with vanilla lotion and body mist.

History of Ariana Grande Perfumes

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From adorable packaging to enchanting scents, Ariana Grande perfume bottles have captivated fragrance lovers for years. In this section, let us delve deeper into the history of Ariana Grande perfumes, explore their launches, and uncover the inspiration behind these irresistible fragrances.

Launches Over the Years

It all began in 2015 when Ariana Grande released her first perfume, Ari Eau de Parfum. Since then, Ariana has expanded her perfume collection, creating popular fragrances such as Thank U, Next; R.E.M.; and God Is A Woman. Her limited edition Thank U, Next 2.0 Eau de Parfum features a delightful blend of fruity and sweet notes, including strawberry, apple, pomegranate, and marshmallow.

Ariana’s fragrances have evolved over the years, offering a variety of scents to suit different preferences. Some common notes found in her perfumes include:

  • Musk
  • Pear
  • Marshmallow
  • Sandalwood
  • Vanilla orchid
  • Praliné
  • Vanilla
  • Raspberry

Inspiration Behind the Fragrances

Ariana Grande’s perfumes are not just another offshoot of her celebrity status. Each scent is thoughtfully crafted and has personal inspirations behind it. The gourmand and floral-inspired Ari reflects Ariana’s love for sweet and fruity scents. With top notes such as crispy pear, pink grapefruit, and juicy raspberry, this perfume truly showcases Ariana’s vibrant personality.

Intriguing combinations like pink pepper, pear, and apricot in her Frankie perfume reveal Ariana’s adventurous spirit and zest for life. Her fragrances aim to empower fans and encourage them to embrace their unique selves while leaving a memorable impression wherever they go.

More fragrances from Ariana

Sweet Like Candy

Playing to her sweet and playful side, Sweet Like Candy captures the essence of Ariana Grande in a bottle. This irresistible perfume is comprised of top notes like blackberry, pear, and bergamot, while the heart is packed with black currant, jasmine, and frangipani. With a base of sweet marshmallow and crystalline musk, this fragrance sure does live up to its name!


Ari is a lighthearted and fruity scent that brings out the best in your personality. Launched in 2015, this Ariana Grande perfume offers a captivating blend of crispy pear, pink grapefruit, and raspberry, combined with soft notes of rose buds, vanilla orchid, and fluffy marshmallow. This easy-to-wear scent is a perfect choice for those relaxed and fun-loving days.

Thank U, Next

Inspired by the hit song, Thank U, Next is a sassy and empowering fragrance that encourages us to embrace our past and look forward to the future. Introduced in 2019, this perfume showcases a unique blend of juicy pear, raspberry, and pink rose petals, with a soft touch of macarons and cashmere musk rounding out the scent. It’s a perfect choice for those days when you need an extra dose of confidence.

Packaging and Design

We love the unique style and elegance of Ariana Grande perfume bottles. In this section, we’ll take a closer look at their aesthetics and signature elements.

Bottle Aesthetics

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Ariana Grande’s perfume bottles have a distinct, eye-catching look. One standout example is the God is a Woman bottle. The design features an elegant and tall, translucent lavender glass, giving a feeling of timeless purity. The creamy white cap provides a lovely contrast, adding to the overall simplicity and beauty of the bottle.

Another example is the Cloud Pink fragrance bottle. Similar to the previous line, Cloud Pink showcases a harmonious blend of aesthetics and grace. With its cloud-shaped design and pastel pink color, the bottle beautifully encapsulates the essence of the scent itself while staying true to Ariana Grande’s signature style.

Signature Elements

Each Ariana Grande perfume bottle reflects the personality of the fragrance itself, as well as Ariana’s own distinctive style. Paying attention to the fine details, these perfume bottles often incorporate playful and iconic elements that fans adore.

Take, for example, Ariana’s debut perfume Ari Eau de Parfum by Ariana Grande. This perfume bottle displays a delicate, feminine design, featuring a spherical bottle with a geometric cap. The soft pink color paired with the sparkling silver accents embodies the lighthearted, girly mood of the fragrance, while also giving a nod to Ariana’s passion for fashion and glamour.

Where to Buy Ariana Grande Perfumes

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Ariana Grande’s perfume bottles are known for their unique and eye-catching designs. As fans of Ariana’s fragrances, we understand how important it is to find a reliable source to buy them from. In this section, we’ll guide you through a few places where you can purchase Ariana Grande perfume bottles.

Ulta Beauty is one of the best places to buy Ariana Grande perfume bottles. They have a variety of her fragrances, including Cloud Eau de Parfum, R.E.M. Eau de Parfum, and Moonlight Eau de Parfum. You can also find God Is A Woman Eau de Parfum at Ulta Beauty.

When you visit the Ariana Grande section on the Ulta Beauty website, you can view all of their available Ariana Grande perfume bottles and select the one that suits your taste. Additionally, you’ll be able to find information about each fragrance’s notes and user reviews.

Apart from Ulta Beauty, you can also visit the official Ariana Grande Fragrances website to purchase the perfume bottles directly from the source. The website typically offers all of her fragrances; sometimes they even have exclusive limited-edition bottles. Don’t hesitate to check this website for new releases and seasonal special editions.

Lastly, you can browse other popular retailers such as Sephora, Macy’s, and Amazon. When purchasing from these retailers, make sure to read reviews and buy from trusted sellers to ensure that you get genuine Ariana Grande perfume bottles.


What is the best perfume of Ariana Grande?

Ariana Grande has quite a few popular fragrances under her belt, but many fans consider Cloud to be the best one. Launched in 2018, it gained popularity quickly and became a fan-favorite. It has a unique blend of top notes like lavender, pear, and bergamot, and base notes like vanilla orchid, cashmere, and musk, creating a dreamy aroma!

Which Ariana Grande perfume is discontinued?

Great news! To date, all perfumes are produced and sold by Ariana Grande. So you haven’t missed anything and you can still enjoy every scent of her.

How many perfumes does Ariana Grande have?

Ariana Grande has released a total of nine perfumes so far, each with its unique scent profile. Her collection includes Cloud, God Is A Woman, Thank U Next, Moonlight, Sweet Like Candy, Mod Blush & Mod Vanilla, Ari, and R.E.M.

What perfume does Ariana Grande use?

Ariana Grande has her own perfume named Ari, which she has described as “so fun and true to me.” Ari is a sweet yet sexy scent with a combination of fruity, floral, and marshmallow notes. As the creator of this fragrance, it’s safe to assume that this is one of Ariana’s go-to perfumes!

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