The 8 Best Citrus Perfumes: Zesty Scents to Refresh 2024!

Looking for a fresh, zesty smell to brighten your summer days? **Look no further**: here are the **top 8 citrus scents** that’ll give you a **crisp**, **energizing**, and **clean** summer vibe!

Citrus perfumes invigorate the senses with their zesty and fresh aromas, capturing the essence of sun-ripened fruit and the zest that comes from a freshly peeled orange. They’re the kind of scents that can instantly lift your mood and wrap you in a veil of energy and brightness, making them perfect for any time you need a quick pick-me-up.

Enough talk, let’s dive into the list of the best citrus perfumes!

The 8 best citrus perfumes selected for you

Aqua Allegoria Mandarine Basilic

Our secret tip for the summer!
Aqua Allegoria Mandarine Basilic by Guerlain, Eau de Toilette for Women, 4.2 Oz
$95.63 ($22.77 / Fl Oz)


✅ Captivating mandarine-citrus aroma

✅ Prestigious brand with high-quality blend

Longevity that compliments daily wear


❌ Might be too zesty for some

❌ Packaging is elegant but fragile

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03/12/2024 06:14 pm GMT

You’ll adore how Aqua Allegoria Mandarine Basilic redefines the best citrus perfume experience with its refreshing zesty charm.

Imagine waking up to the first light of dawn with a spritz of nature’s most exhilarating scents. The vivid burst of mandarin paired with the herbaceous whisper of basil in Aqua Allegoria Mandarine makes it more than just a fragrance; it’s a daily reviver for your senses.

Indulging in this perfume, I’m reminded of strolls through citrus orchards, the air pregnant with the promise of sunlight. There’s a balance struck here, between the vivacity of the mandarine and the grounding herbal notes.

Versace Eros Flame

Amazon's Choice in Men's Eau de Parfum!
Eros Flame, Versace, Eau De Parfume for Men, 6.7 Oz
$79.50 ($11.87 / Fl Oz)


✅ Exudes a robust, spicy citrus aroma

Unique blend of woody, pepper, and rose notes

Suitable for evening or colder seasons wear


❌ May be too strong for some

❌ Limited versatility for various occasions

❌ Cap can be difficult to open

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03/10/2024 04:01 am GMT

An adventurous spirit will be captivated by the fiery blend in Versace Eros Flame; it’s a must-try for lovers of the best citrus perfumes.

Having recently spritzed on Versace Eros Flame, the zesty Italian citrus notes immediately lifted my spirits, making it clear why this fragrance is in contention for the title of best citrus perfume. The peppery warmth blended smoothly with the sweetness of vanilla, creating an alluring aura that felt both comforting and invigorating.

This perfume left a magnetic trail that seemed to turn heads throughout the day.

It’s the kind of scent that clings to your memories, reminiscent of passionate encounters and bold moves. Perfect for a night out or special occasions when making a statement is the goal, Eros Flame speaks to the confident and the daring.

L’Eau, Jimmy Choo

Amazon's Choice in Women's Eau de Toilette!
L'Eau by Jimmy Choo, Eau de Toilette for Women, 1.3 Oz
$67.00 ($51.54 / Fl Oz)


✅ Exudes a delicate, radiant aura

✅ Perfectly balanced floral fruity musk scent with a fresh zest of citrus blossoms 

✅ Compact and travel-friendly 1.3 oz bottle


❌ Fragrance intensity may not last all day

❌ Some may find the scent too subtle

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03/12/2024 10:14 pm GMT

If you’re in pursuit of the best citrus perfume that adds a touch of elegance with every spritz, L’Eau by Jimmy Choo is your ideal companion.

Imagine stepping into a serene orchard, the air infused with the fresh zest of citrus blossoms – that’s the initial impression L’Eau by Jimmy Choo leaves on your senses.

It’s a fragrance that seems to dance lightly on the skin, a delightful harmony of floral and fruity notes laced with a soft musk. It’s luminous indeed, enhancing your natural scent with an understated sophistication.

This perfume whispers elegance rather than shouting it, making it an excellent choice for those who appreciate subtlety in their scent profile.

Blood Orange Perfume, Pacifica

It´s vegan, cruelty-free and made in USA!
Tuscan Blood Orange by Pacifica, Eau de Parfum for Women, 1.0 Oz


✅ Uplifting blood orange aroma

✅ Ideal for daily wear

Kind to skin with vegan ingredients


❌ Scent may fade faster than expected

❌ Not everyone enjoys a fruit-forward fragrance

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03/13/2024 12:01 am GMT

Embrace the zesty liveliness of this best citrus perfume, with a scent profile that’s sure to energize your senses.

As you spritz the Pacifica Blood Orange Perfume into the air and walk through the mist, the burst of energetic citrus captures the essence of sun-drenched orchards. Tuscan Blood Orange is not just a fragrance but a refreshing experience, wrapping you in a cloak of freshness that seems to wash over you with every inhalation.

The scent clings to your skin like a whispered secret, a blend of tangy, sweet notes that flirt with the senses. It melds beautifully with your skin-chemistry, transforming throughout the day, and always feels just right – never overpowering.

Ideal for that midday pick-me-up, the perfume’s refreshing qualities are like a burst of Italian sunshine, making even the dullest of days feel a touch brighter.

Under the Lemon Trees, Replica Maison Margiela

Homemade iced tea the good way!
Under The Lemon Trees, Replica by Maison Margiela, Eau De Toilette Unisex, 3.4 Oz
$139.99 ($41.17 / Fl Oz)


✅ Uplifting lemon and tea notes

Unisex versatility

Longevity on skin


❌ Initial strength may be overpowering

❌ The aroma may shift significantly as it settles

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03/13/2024 12:28 am GMT

You’ll relish the Mediterranean breeze with this best citrus perfume that brings zest to your daily routine.

When you spritz on Maison Margiela’s Under the Lemon Trees, it’s like a brisk walk through a citrus grove, the kind of experience that instantly lifts your spirits.

The initial burst of lemon and coriander is as refreshing as a cool drink on a hot day, invigorating the senses with every sniff. As the scent warms on your skin, it’s akin to lounging under sun-dappled leaves, a blend of Mate absolute and tea leaves mingling with your natural essence.

If you like this fragrance, check out our list of the best Replica by Masion Margiela fragrances!

Bleu De Chanel, Chanel

In the top 50 all-time favorites since 2010!
Bleu De Chanel, Chanel, Eau De Toilette For Men, 3.4 Oz
$94.00 ($27.65 / Ounce)


✅ Radiates a crisp, invigorating freshness

Longevity surpasses your day

✅ Embodies elegance and sophistication


❌ Sillage weakens after initial application

❌ Predominantly masculine, potentially limiting its audience

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03/13/2024 12:58 am GMT

When you spritz on Bleu de Chanel, you’re enveloped in a scent that redefines what the best citrus perfume can be. Imagine the essence of freedom distilled into a bottle, that’s Bleu De Chanel for you.

A single application in the morning and the captivating blend of citrus notes confidently carries you through the busiest of days. It’s a fragrance that doesn’t just cling to your skin; it merges with your persona. That said, the peace of mind it brings does come at a higher price, one that speaks to its luxury branding.

The balance between freshness and depth in Bleu De Chanel is exceptional. While some perfumes fade away, this one makes a statement by being subtly present hours after you’ve forgotten about it.

Galloway, Parfums de Marly

Peppered citrus with a portion of creaminess!
Galloway, Parfums de Marly, Eau de Parfum for Him, 4.2 Oz
$365.00 ($86.90 / Fl Oz)


✅ Complex scent blending citrus with a sophisticated profile

✅ Notable longevity, lasting throughout the day

Luxurious packaging that exudes quality


❌ Higher price point compared to other fragrances

❌ Some may find the aroma too subtle for their preference

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/13/2024 01:28 am GMT

Immerse yourself in the zest of the best citrus perfume; Galloway by Parfums de Marly offers a fragrant journey like no other.

Its initial citrusy burst is underpinned by a warm peppery note that invigorates the senses. With each spray, I’m reminded of the blend’s superior quality that feels both fresh and distinctly masculine. The heart notes of iris and orange blossom in Galloway add a floral subtlety that complements the zesty top notes gracefully.

Wearing it throughout the day, its evolution is a testament to the careful crafting behind the scent. It never feels overwhelming, always maintaining a classy whisper of aroma on the skin. Transitioning to the base notes, musk, amber, and sandalwood ground the fragrance with a solid earthy foundation.

It’s exceptionally comforting, especially towards the end of the day, when the deeper notes become more prominent. Each ingredient is like a thread woven into an aromatic tapestry that speaks to sophistication.

Decas, Xerjoff

The "California Dream" in a bottle!
Decas, Xerjoff, Eau de Parfum Unisex, 3.4 Oz
$237.39 ($69.82 / Fl Oz)


✅ Seductive tuberose scent with a burst of citrus

Noteworthy longevity on the skin

✅ Crafted with high-quality ingredients from Italy


❌ Limited availability can make it harder to find

❌ Sweetness may be overpowering for some

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/14/2024 06:28 pm GMT

This luxurious scent is perfect for those seeking the quintessence of best citrus perfume with a touch of sweetness.

The moment you spritz Xerjoff Decas on your wrist, you’re greeted with a sophisticated, fresh citrus aroma that feels like a celebration of summer in a bottle. Its longevity is noteworthy – a few small applications in the morning, and you’re set with a delightful fragrance that lingers until evening.

This isn’t just any fragrance – it’s a statement piece, a testament to the art of perfumery. When you wear it, you’re not just wearing a scent; you’re donning a work of aromatic art.


Discovering the best citrus perfume can be as exhilarating as the first slice of orange in the summer sun. Let’s peel back the layers on some of the most zestful questions you have!

Do citrus perfumes smell good?

Absolutely! Citrus perfumes are renowned for their fresh, tangy aroma.
They’re often composed of notes like lemon, lime, and grapefruit, which provide an invigorating and clean scent profile.

Is citrus smell attractive?

Citrus fragrances are widely appealing and considered extremely attractive due to their fresh and energetic qualities.
They are known to evoke a sense of happiness and can be mood lifting.

Which Zara perfume smells like citrus?

Zara Vibrant Leather Cologne is your go-to perfume from Zara with a prominent citrus scent. It blends lemon with bamboo and leather notes.
This combination offers a sharp, refreshing, and sophisticated aroma.

 best citrus perfume Zara Vibrant Leather Cologne
by Pinterest

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