Travel Perfume Atomizer

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Experience seamless fragrance carry with our Portable Perfume Atomizer. A sleek mini aluminum spray bottle, available in 5ml and 8ml sizes, ensures your favorite scents travel with you discreetly and stylishly. Perfect for on-the-go refreshment.

Our Portable Travel Perfume Atomizer is a sleek, mini aluminum spray bottle, perfect for carrying your favorite fragrances on the go. Available in 5ml and 8ml sizes, it is designed to fit discreetly in any purse, pocket, or travel bag.

  • Made with high-quality aluminum for long-lasting use
  • Press nozzle a few times to release trapped air before first fill

For optimal performance, the perfume’s nozzle tube should be at least 8mm in length and no more than 4mm in diameter. This specification ensures efficient and even fragrance dispensation.


  • Material: Aluminum
  • Capacity Options: 5ml and 8ml
  • Color: Various (subject to availability)
  • Spray Type: Fine mist spras
  • Perfume Nozzle Compatibility:
    • Length: Must be greater or equal to 8mm
    • Diameter: Must be less or equal to 4mm
  • Closure Type: Secure cap to prevent leakage

Our Travel Perfume Atomizer is not just practical but also elegantly designed with high-quality aluminum for durability and style. It allows you to refresh your fragrance discreetly and stylishly, making it an essential accessory for work, travel, or evening outings.


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