Filter Free Humidifier

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Discover the ease of breathing with the Ultrasonic Filter Free Humidifier, designed for compact spaces and USB powered for convenience. Enjoy silent, continuous mist discharge with water-shortage power-off protection, making it perfect for any setting, including home, office, or car.

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Introducing the Ultrasonic Filter Free Humidifier, a revolutionary device designed to improve air quality and moisture levels in your personal space effortlessly. Crafted with a classic columnar shape and powered by a simple USB connection, this humidifier is perfect for small areas under 10㎡, offering a blend of functionality, convenience, and style.

Optimal Humidification with Ultrasonic Technology

Equipped with advanced ultrasonic technology, this filter free humidifier operates below 36db, ensuring your environment is enriched with moisture without any disruptive noise. With a capacity of less than 1L and a substantial spray amount of 30-40ml/h, it provides effective humidification, purifying the air in confined spaces like offices, cars, and homes. The device’s mist discharge method ensures that you can enjoy a comfortable humidity level, enhancing your daily activities, whether working, sleeping, or simply relaxing.

Versatile and Portable

Measuring 77*108 cm and boasting a water capacity of 330 ml, this cup-shaped humidifier is not only compact but also highly portable. Whether you’re in the office, driving, practicing yoga, or traveling, its convenient size and USB power source make it easy to enjoy the benefits of humidification anywhere.

Package Contents:

  • 1 X Cup Humidifier
  • 1 X USB cable

With the Ultrasonic Filter Free Humidifier, embrace a healthier lifestyle and enjoy the simplicity of adding moisture to your environment. This device not only humidifies and purifies but also represents a seamless blend of modern design and technological innovation, making it an essential accessory for anyone looking to enhance their living or working space.


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