Christmas Scented Candles

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Ignite the spirit of Christmas with our exquisitely designed Christmas Tree Scented Candles, crafted from soy wax for a clean, aromatic burn. Perfect for holiday decor or as a thoughtful gift, these candles bring festive warmth and charm to any setting.

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Celebrate the festive season with the warmth and allure of our Christmas Scented Candles, a perfect addition to your holiday decorations or as a special gift to spread the joy. Made from high-quality soy wax, these candles not only offer a cleaner burn but also fill your home with delightful aromas that capture the essence of Christmas.

Exquisite Craftsmanship and Design

Each candle is carefully shaped into a realistic Christmas tree, complete with delicate carving that showcases attention to detail and artistic craftsmanship. Available in various colors, each hue is paired with a unique aromatherapy flavor, transforming your space into a haven of festive tranquility. Measuring at 8.56×52.3cm (, these candles are the perfect size for displaying on mantels, tables, or as part of a larger holiday display.

Versatile and Meaningful

Not just for Christmas, these scented candles serve as a versatile decoration suitable for any occasion. They make ideal gifts for friends, family, lovers, and partners, offering a token of warmth and affection that complements the festive season. Whether used for daily family decoration or as a centerpiece for holiday gatherings, these candles are sure to enhance the atmosphere with their beauty and fragrance.

Safety and Care

While our candles are safe to burn and made from non-toxic materials, we advise keeping them out of reach of small children and never leaving them unattended while lit. Due to differences in computer displays, the actual color of the candles may vary slightly from the images shown, but their quality and aroma remain uncompromised.

Package Includes

  • 1 x Christmas Tree Scented Candle

This holiday season, let our Christmas Scented Candles be a part of your celebrations, adding a touch of elegance and the timeless aroma of Christmas to your home. Perfect for setting a festive mood or as a thoughtful gift, these aromatic candles are a testament to the joy and beauty of the season.


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