Burning Scent Sticks

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Elevate your surroundings with our Burning Scent Sticks, offering 20 sticks per box of captivating White Sage, Lavender, and Sea Breeze scents for meditation, yoga, or simply to purify and deodorize your space with a touch of aromatic bliss.

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Introducing our Burning Scent Sticks, a premium collection of handcrafted scent sticks designed to transform your living environment into a sanctuary of peace and tranquility. Originating from India, these incense sticks are a testament to the rich cultural heritage and traditional craftsmanship, offering a unique blend of fragrances including White Sage, Meditation Lavender, Yoga Sea Breeze, and Love Incense. Each scent is carefully selected to purify the air, calm the nerves, and aid in focusing the mind, making them perfect for use at home, in the office, in hotels, tea houses, yoga studios, meditation spaces, and more.

Product Highlights Burning Scent Sticks:

  • Regional Feature: Indian Incense, is renowned for its exceptional quality and aromatic properties.
  • Packaging: Elegantly packaged, making it an ideal gift for loved ones or a special treat for yourself.
  • Application Scene: Versatile use in the living room, yoga studio, meditation area, or any space that could benefit from aromatic enhancement.
  • Material: Crafted from natural flowers and buds, ensuring a pure and organic scent experience.
  • Type: Stick Incense, easy to use and perfect for daily rituals or special occasions.
  • Applications: Enhances home, office, and communal spaces with its soothing fragrances.
  • Efficacy: Not only freshens the air but also has calming effects on the nerves, helps with focus, and serves as beautiful decoration.
  • Specifications: Each box contains 20 sticks, each 23cm in length, with a burning time of approximately 35 minutes in calm conditions.

Burning Scent Sticks are more than just a means to add fragrance to your environment; they are a journey into the heart of India’s meditative and aromatic traditions. Each stick is handmade with care and intention, ensuring that when you light one, you’re not just burning incense; you’re igniting a pathway to inner peace and a heightened sense of well-being.

Ideal for creating a welcoming atmosphere in any setting, these incense sticks are a perfect companion for meditation, yoga, or simply to enjoy a moment of serenity in your day. Transform your space into a haven of calm and focus with Burning Scent Sticks, and let the pure, enchanting aromas guide you to a place of relaxation and mindfulness.


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