Bedroom Perfume Display

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Elevate your bedroom’s ambiance with our minimalist and modern Bedroom Perfume Display, crafted from high-quality acrylic. Waterproof and stylish, it’s perfect for organizing perfumes, cosmetics, and jewelry, adding a touch of elegance to any tabletop.

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Introducing the ultimate solution for sophisticated organization and display in your personal space: the Bedroom Perfume Display. Designed with the modern minimalist in mind, this sleek storage rack is more than just a place to store your items; it’s a statement piece that enhances the overall aesthetic of your bedroom, bathroom, or any part of your home in need of a chic organizational upgrade.

Elegant Design Meets Functionality

Crafted from premium quality acrylic, our Bedroom Perfume Display is available in brown, milky white, and transparent colors, ensuring it complements any decor style. The clean lines and minimalist design not only add a touch of modern elegance but also allow for easy visibility and access to your perfumes, cosmetics, and jewelry.

Product Specifications for Bedroom Perfume Display

  • Material: High-quality Acrylic
  • Color Options: Brown, Milky White, Transparent
  • Product Sizes:
    • 3-Layer Large Size: Length 40cm x Width 15cm x Height 34cm
    • 3-Layer Small Size: Length 30cm x Width 15cm x Height 34cm
    • 2-Layer Large Size: Length 40cm x Width 15cm x Height 19cm
    • 2-Layer Small Size: Length 30cm x Width 15cm x Height 19cm
  • Use: For organizing sundries such as perfumes, cosmetics, jewelry, and more
  • Applicable Scenario: Ideal for bedroom, bathroom table tops, and living room shelves
  • Function: Waterproof, ensuring protection against spills and easy cleaning
  • Style: Minimalist and modern, suitable for contemporary decor styles


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