How Many Sol de Janeiro Perfumes Are There in 2024?

How Many Sol de Janeiro Perfumes Are There?

Have you ever pondered over the number of Sol de Janeiro perfumes available? Get ready to be captivated by the fascinating world of Sol de Janeiro fragrances! It’s challenging to pinpoint the exact number as new scents are continuously introduced while others are phased out. Plus, there are always limited edition versions. However, at present, one can state that Sol de Janeiro offers around 20 distinctive fragrances.

Special Sol de Janeiro Perfumes:

  • Brazilian Crush Cheirosa ’62 – the first and most iconic fragrance with captivating notes of pistachio and salted caramel.
  • Cheirosa ’68 – this fragrance evokes a tropical escape with hints of Brazilian jasmine and pink dragonfruit, promising a sensory delight with every spritz.
  • Cheirosa ’39 – another tropical infusion featuring the freshness of coconut and tropical orchid.

The house’s commitment to uplifting essences is evident in the joyful names and compositions of these perfumes. Each scent is designed to make your skin smell irresistible and to last for hours.

Collection Highlights:

FragranceKey NotesMood
Cheirosa ’62Pistachio, Salted CaramelWarm, sweet
Cheirosa ’68Jasmine, Pink DragonfruitExotic, playful
Cheirosa ’39Coconut, Tropical OrchidFresh, vibrant

Excited to imbibe these luscious scents? Your journey to uncovering the entire collection of Sol de Janeiro perfumes would reveal that the brand’s offerings go beyond these three flagship scents, each designed to celebrate your body and bring joy with every use.

Most Popular Fragrances

When exploring how many Sol de Janeiro perfumes are there, you’ll discover a vibrant array of scents designed to captivate and energize. Let’s dive into their most celebrated fragrances that have won hearts all around the globe.

Cheirosa ’62

 how many sol de Janeiro perfumes are there? Cheirosa '62
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Cheirosa ’62 is the iconic scent that embodies the essence of Brazil. Picture yourself at the beach with its warm, sultry blend of salted caramel and pistachio notes. Here’s a closer look at its composition:

TopPistachio, Almond
HeartHeliotrope, Jasmine Petals
BaseVanilla, Salted Caramel

Cheirosa ’59

 how many sol de Janeiro perfumes are there? Cheirosa '59
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This exquisite perfume, Cheirosa ’59, captures the spirit of Rio in a bottle. It’s a tropical, fruity blend, leading you to an instant vacation vibe. Below, you’ll find the notes that make Cheirosa ’59 a must-have:

TopCoconut, Mango
HeartJasmine, Orchid
BaseVanilla, Musk

Cheirosa ’71

 how many sol de Janeiro perfumes are there? Cheirosa '71
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Indulge in the warm, lush sweetness of Cheirosa ’71, a fragrance that’s like a comforting embrace. It has a rich, gourmand character that conveys a sense of luxury and indulgence. The notes that create its charm are as follows:

TopCaramelized Vanilla
HeartSea Salt, Toasted Macadamia Nut
BaseWhite Chocolate, Tonka Bean

Sol Cheirosa ’62

 how many sol de Janeiro perfumes are there? Sol Cheirosa '62
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Sol Cheirosa ’62 brings the energy of the sun in a bottle, a vibrant, radiant twist on the classic ’62 scent. Infused with hints of fruit and flowers, it’s a day-long caress of sunshine and warmth on your skin. Here’s what’s inside this sun-kissed scent:

TopCitrus, Raspberry
HeartFrangipani, Passionflower
BaseSea Salt, Musk

Cheirosa ’40

 how many sol de Janeiro perfumes are there? Cheirosa '40
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Cheirosa ’40 will enchant you with its unique and sophisticated profile. It’s as intriguing and elegant as a lush bouquet, leaving a lasting impression. The table below unveils the notes found in Cheirosa ’40:

TopBlack Amber Plum, Vanilla Woods
HeartBrazilian Orchid, Crème de Cassis
BaseWarm Musk, Toasted Praline

Embrace these exciting perfumes and let their scents transport you to the lively streets, stunning beaches, and opulent forests of Brazil. Each one promises to be an escape in every spritz!

Discontinued Fragrances

Isn’t it always a bit of a thrill to discover just how many Sol de Janeiro perfumes are there? Well, sometimes the journey involves saying farewell to past favorites. In your quest for the perfect scent, you might find that some of those fragrances are no longer available. These discontinued scents have made way for the new, capturing the essence of Brazil in a bottle, but they also leave a legacy of memories with their distinct aromas.

Sol de Janeiro perfumes are known for their vibrant and exotic scents, but like any fashion or beauty line, they periodically retire some of their creations. These are a few that have disappeared from the shelves:

  • Cheirosa ’61: This staple, loved for its warm and inviting scent, is no longer in production.
  • Tropical Heat: A vibrant mix that echoed summer days has also said its goodbyes.

If you’re an enthusiast looking for these, your best bet is to keep an eye out on discontinued Sol de Janeiro scents at various retailers that might still have a hidden bottle or two in stock. It’s a treasure hunt, and you might just strike gold. Remember, the beauty of a fragrance lies in its power to evoke cherished moments, so each discontinued perfume from Sol de Janeiro is like a preserved memory, waiting to be rediscovered by you.

Special Edition Releases

When you’re exploring how many Sol de Janeiro perfumes are there, the thrill intensifies when you encounter their special edition releases. These exclusive fragrances are like coveted treasures, offering unique scents that stand apart from the regular line-up.

  • Cheirosa ’71 – This perfume takes you on an olfactory journey with warm notes of caramelized vanilla and toasted macadamia nut. It’s a hug in a bottle.
  • Sol Cheirosa ’62 – An intoxicating blend where jasmine and vanilla meet with a hint of sea salt, reminiscent of Brazil’s enchanting beaches.

Here’s a glimpse into Sol de Janeiro’s special editions:

YearSpecial Edition Fragrance
2019Cheirosa ’71
2020Sol Cheirosa ’62
2021Mystery Launch TBD

The special editions often emerge around festive seasons or mark significant milestones for the brand. Each release is a celebration of the sensorial joys derived from Brazil’s vibrant culture.

Remember, special edition perfumes are often available for a limited time, making them a must-have for both collectors and fragrance enthusiasts like you. Keep your senses peeled so you don’t miss out on these exceptional scents that tell a story of celebration and indulgence with every spritz.


Here are a few more answers to frequently asked questions on the subject: how many Sol de Janeiro perfumes are there? Feel free to write us a comment if you have any further questions!

Is Sol de Janeiro 62 or 68 better?

Sol de Janeiro 62 and Sol de Janeiro 68 are both beloved for their distinctive fragrances. 62, known as the Cheirosa ’62, is the iconic scent of the brand. It offers a warm, delicious aroma with notes of vanilla, salted caramel, and pistachio. On the other hand, Cheirosa ’68 brings a glamorous burst of tropical Brazilian flora to the senses. It’s really a matter of personal preference; both offer a transportive experience akin to a Brazilian holiday.

Is Sol de Janeiro 39 discontinued?

Yes, Cheirosa ’39 has been discontinued. This fragrance was known for its alluring floral scent profile, and while fans were sad to see it go, Sol de Janeiro continues to innovate with new perfumes that capture the essence of Brazil.

What was the first Sol de Janeiro scent?

The first Sol de Janeiro scent to capture hearts worldwide was the Cheirosa ’62, which is the signature scent found in their iconic Brazilian Bum Bum Cream. Since its release, it has set a high benchmark for the gourmand fragrance category, adored for its ability to whisk wearers away to the sun-soaked beaches of Rio with just one sniff.

If you liked this blog post about the topic: how many Sol de Janeiro perfumes are there? don’t forget to leave us a comment down below to tell us about your experience with it. If you’re looking for a summer fragrance and haven’t found what you’re looking for in this article, you should check out our article on the best summer fragrances of 2024!

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