Top 6 Best Strawberry Perfumes For A Fruity-Fresh Aura 2024!

When the cold of winter recedes and the equally pleasing and verdant strawberries begin to unfold into white flowers, the excitement is uncontrollable. We are thrilled to offer you our carefully chosen collection of exceptional strawberry fragrances, providing you the chance to enjoy the enchanting and uplifting scent throughout the year!

Top 6 best strawberry perfumes

1. Mon Paris by Yves Saint Laurent

Over 4.5 stars on Amazon!
Mon Paris, Yves Saint Laurent, Eau de Parfum for Her, 3 Oz
$82.00 ($27.33 / Fl Oz)


✅ Luscious fruity notes with a captivating strawberry presence

Elegant bottle design that evokes the luxurious feel of the scent



❌ Premium price point may be higher than some would prefer

❌ Scent profile might be too adventurous for those who favor subtlety

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03/10/2024 04:47 pm GMT

If you’re on the hunt for the best strawberry perfume that captures the essence of love and Paris, YSL Mon Paris is a thrilling choice.

Exploring the best strawberry perfume brought us to the enchanting scent of YSL Mon Paris. With its intoxicating blend of red berries and pear at the opener, it immediately sweeps you off your feet. The exotic datura flower takes center stage as it settles, exuding seduction at every pulse point. Our experience felt like an amorous escapade in the city of love.

From its visual appeal to its lasting impression, YSL Mon Paris is a sensory delight. The bottle speaks of sophistication and luxury, mirroring the aroma it encases. While adorned on the wrist, it felt as though a Parisian love story was unfolding with every whiff. Its potent blend ensures that the strawberry sweetness remains a lingering whisper on the skin throughout the day and into the night.

2. Strawberry Snowflakes Mist by Bath Body Works

Amazon's choice, overall pick!
Strawberry Snowflakes, Bath & Body Works, Fine Fragrance Body Mist, 8 Oz
$27.90 ($1.74 / Fl Oz)


✅ The scent of this product has an irresistibly sweet aroma

✅ It produces a luxurious mist that's gentle on the skin

Perfectly portable, allowing for a quick freshen-up on the go


❌ The scent may not last all day as desired

❌ The product is only available seasonally and in limited quantities.

❌ Limited seasonal availability

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/10/2024 05:01 pm GMT

If you’re on the hunt for the best strawberry perfume that invigorates your senses, Strawberry Snowflakes Mist is a delightful choice.

We’ve just discovered a gem from Bath & Body Works that captures the essence of sweet strawberries mingled with a breezy, whipped cream note, perfect for anyone searching for the best strawberry perfume. Embracing the Strawberry Snowflakes Mist leaves us reveling in fruity bliss with each spray. The playful combination of juicy strawberry and iced bergamot is an instant mood lifter, infusing our day with an unexpected zing.

After a refreshing shower, we found that a spritz of this fragrance mist is the ideal way to start the day. It enwraps us in a light yet creamy aroma that’s sweet without being overpowering. Though longevity could be improved, the initial burst of the scent provides that much-needed perk, especially when we’re heading out and want to make a memorable impression.

3. White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor

Cheaper alternative, but still high quality!
White Diamonds, by Elizabeth Taylor, Eau De Toilette for Her, 3.3 Oz
$21.98 ($6.66 / Fl Oz)


Captivating, enduring fragrance

✅ Offers a rich blend of floral and woody notes

Exceptional value for its size and lasting ability on the skin


❌ Intensity of the aroma may be overpowering for some

❌ The scent longevity could vary depending on skin chemistry

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/10/2024 05:14 pm GMT

We recently enveloped ourselves in the classic aura of White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor. With just a few spritzes, the room was filled with an exquisite bouquet of lily and tuberose, underpinned by sensuous sandalwood. It felt like stepping into a glamorous old Hollywood film, draped in luxury and star quality—the very essence of the Elizabeth Taylor brand.

True to its name, White Diamonds is a multifaceted fragrance that reflects different notes as the day progresses. Whether dressing up for an elegant event or wearing it to grace daily errands with a touch of glamour, it adapts to the wearer’s persona, cementing its place as a versatile classic in our perfume collection.

4. Viva La Juicy Noir by Juicy Couture

Over 100 bought in past month on Amazon!
Viva La Juicy Noir, Juicy Couture, Eau De Parfum for Her, 3.4 Oz
$68.00 ($20.00 / Fl Oz)


✅ Lusciously sweet strawberry notes

Elegantly designed bottle

Long-lasting scent that captivates


❌ May be too sweet for some

❌ Price point is on the higher side

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/10/2024 05:32 pm GMT

Splashes of juicy strawberry fused with a hint of vanilla make this fragrance a delightful experience. The moment we spritzed Viva La Juicy Noir, the room filled with its enchanting aroma; it truly embodies the essence of the best strawberry perfume.

The scent’s layers subtly unfold as the day progresses, revealing intricate notes that complement its berry core. It’s like carrying a little secret garden with us, one where strawberries reign supreme.

Sprinkled with playful femininity, Viva La Juicy Noir’s bottle looks gorgeous on any vanity. Wearing this fragrance feels like an instant uplift to our confidence—it’s as if we’re weaving a tale of mystery with each step we take. Compared to Viva La Juicy, this fragrance is a little sweeter and smells more like strawberry.

5. Strawberries and Champagne Mist, Victoria’s Secret

Perfect to sweeten and refresh your summer day!
Garden Strawberries and Champagne, Victoria's Secret, Refreshing Body Mist Splash, 8.4 Oz
$22.99 ($2.74 / Fl Oz)


✅ Inviting and sweet strawberry scent

✅ Lightweight and refreshing feel

Lasts throughout the day


❌ May not appeal to those who prefer subtle fragrances

❌ It´s a body mist, not an actual perfume

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/10/2024 09:43 pm GMT

We think the Strawberries and Champagne Mist is a must-have for its playful and enchanting aroma that perfectly captures the essence of the best strawberry perfume.

If you’re on the hunt for a fragrance that will have you smelling like a basket of fresh strawberries, this is it. The moment I spritzed Victoria’s Secret Garden Strawberries and Champagne Mist on my wrists, the sweet, juicy scent of strawberries mingled with the slightly intoxicating note of champagne was immediately apparent.

It’s not just a blast of fragrance; it envelops you in a delightful, long-lasting aroma that’s just as fitting for a day out with friends as it is for a romantic evening.

6. La Capitale by Xerjoff

My absolute favorite, which lasts over a day!
La Capitale by Xerjoff, Parfum, Unisex, 50ml
$275.00 ($161.76 / Fl Oz)


✅ The scent is remarkably authentic and indulgently gourmand

✅ Its longevity surpasses many other fragrances we've encountered

✅ Exudes sophistication with every spray, embodying a high-end experience


❌ The price point is high, potentially out of reach for some budgets

❌ Its exclusivity might make it hard to find locally

❌ The fragrance intensity might be overpowering for those who prefer subtlety

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/10/2024 11:49 pm GMT

The best comes at the end: we think the Xerjoff La Capitale is a must-have for anyone in search of the best strawberry perfume with a luxurious touch from Italy.

The Xerjoff La Capitale Parfum caught our attention with its decadent strawberry essence that’s delightfully present without dominating. This scent, infused with the perfect gourmand twist, transitions seamlessly from a gentle daytime fragrance to a captivating evening aroma.

We were truly impressed by its enduring nature. Even after hours of wear, the notes of strawberry stayed vivid and inviting, unlike some scents that fade too quickly. It’s clear that this perfume is crafted from high-quality ingredients, and the attention to detail in its design is evident.

The presentation of Xerjoff La Capitale is nothing short of luxurious, with a bottle that speaks volumes about the quality inside.

It’s not just a perfume; it’s a statement piece that adds prestige to any collection. However, some may find the boldness of the fragrance a bit much for their taste, as it does not shy away from making its presence known.


We’ll guide you through some common inquiries about the best strawberry perfume, addressing its desirability and essence.

What perfume makes you smell like strawberries?

Besides our list of the best strawberry perfumes:
DKNY Be Delicious Strawberry: A juicy and vibrant scent.
Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Twinkle: Blends strawberry with a bouquet of florals.
L’Occitane Fruity Perfecting Balm: Subtle, with a hint of strawberry.

Is strawberry an attractive scent?

Public opinions:
Attractiveness: Strawberry is widely regarded as a tempting and appealing fragrance.
Compliments: Wearing a strawberry scent often garners positive attention and compliments.

Is strawberry a good fragrance?

Versatility: Strawberry fragrances are refreshing for day wear and sweetly seductive by night.
Mood-Enhancing: The aroma is often associated with happiness and positivity.

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