The 7 Best Cherry Perfumes to Sweeten Up Your Fit in 2024

Best Cherry Perfume

Searching for a delightful winter fragrance? Your search ends here! Treat your senses to these top 7 cherry-based perfumes, all organized in one convenient and easy-to-navigate list.

1. Dark Cherry & Amber

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03/11/2024 05:29 pm GMT

This perfume will captivate you with its unique blend of cherry and amber, ideal for anyone in search of the best cherry perfume.

I recently spritzed on BANANA REPUBLIC’s Dark Cherry & Amber and the experience was delightful. Its gourmand blend swoops in with a juicy burst of black cherry, and I was instantly charmed by the unexpected warmth of red amber.

The opening notes of pink freesia brought a welcome freshness that transitioned seamlessly into the sweet heart of cherry blossom and praline. This perfume doesn’t shout for attention; rather, it’s a sophisticated whisper that draws people in closer.

2. Cherry Vanilla Delight

The perfect Cherry and Vanilla Bomb!
Cherry & Vanilla, 50 ML Eau De Parfum
$26.00 ($15.29 / Fl Oz)


✅ Blissfully reminiscent of cherry vanilla soda

✅ Long-lasting fragrance that lingers all day

✅ Attractively designed bottle that dresses up the vanity


❌ Can be a bit potent when first applied

❌ Packaging durability could be improved

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03/12/2024 01:06 am GMT

If you’re after the best cherry perfume that balances fruity and creamy notes, this scent hits the sweet spot.

The vivaciousness of cherry coupled with the warmth of vanilla in this perfume creates a delightful olfactory experience. Its scent envelops you in nostalgia, reminiscent of the classic cherry vanilla soda – an unexpected twist that makes it stand out in the crowded perfume market.

That said, I must mention that if you’re keen on a more balanced cherry presence, this scent might lean a tad much towards vanilla.

3. Lost Cherry by Tom Ford

For niche enthusiasts with the best durability
Lost Cherry, Tom Ford Eau de Perfume, 3.4 Oz
$349.03 ($102.66 / Fl Oz)


✅Captivating blend of sweet and spicy notes

✅Exceptional longevity, lasting through many events

✅Perfect for those special evenings out


❌ Premium price point may not suit every budget

❌ Aroma intensity might be overwhelming for some

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03/12/2024 02:21 am GMT

The moment I sprayed Lost Cherry by Tom Ford, I was enveloped in a delightfully sweet yet tantalizing cloud. The black cherry and almond top notes danced around me, creating this irresistible aura that captured the attention of everyone I encountered.

Transitioning from the initial burst of sweetness, the heart notes of Turkish rose and Jasmine Sambac then surfaced, tempering the sweetness with a floral sophistication that enticed my senses further.

At the base, the warm and enveloping scents of sandalwood and roasted tonka beans take center stage, making the ultimate statement of luxury. This lingering trace has seen me through many long nights and has never failed to earn compliments. Lost Cherry by Tom Ford is undoubtedly a revelation in a bottle for any cherry perfume lover and a must-have in the best cherry perfumes list.

4. Lovely Cherie by A & Z Jubba

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A & Z Jubba Lovely Cherie | Eau De Parfum 80ml
$24.51 ($9.08 / Fl Oz)


✅ A delightful fusion of cherry and almond that's perfect for any occasion.

✅ Convenient travel size to carry that sweet aroma wherever I go.

✅ Positively surprising longevity for a scent at this price point.


❌ The initial burst fades to a subtler skin scent quicker than expected.

❌ May not pack the punch for those who prefer a very strong fragrance.

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03/12/2024 03:28 am GMT

This isn’t just another cherry-flavored fragrance; it’s a sophisticated bouquet that begins with a lush blend of rose and bitter almond, enveloping you in a sweet yet complex aroma.

As the day goes on, the cherry notes become the shining stars, reminiscent of fresh, Morello cherries delicately wrapped in a warm amber that transports me to a cozy evening by the fire.

However, while I adore standing out with its unique toffee tonka bean tail end, not everyone might appreciate its subtler, skin-hugging quality post-dry-down. When I catch a whiff of this Lovely Cherie, it takes me back to happy memories and compliments.

5. Viva La Juicy EDP

Flirtatious & irresistible scent!
Viva La Juicy, Juicy Couture, Eau De Parfum 1.7 Oz
$93.00 ($54.71 / Fl Oz)


✅ Unique blend of fruity and sweet notes, perfect for cherry scent lovers

✅ Delightful bottle

✅ Renowned longevity, keeping you in a cloud of sweet aroma all day


❌ Might not appeal to those preferring more subtle fragrances

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03/12/2024 05:59 pm GMT

I’ve written a blog post about it before, but it still deserves a place in the Best Cherry Perfumes list. Want to know more about it? Then check out this review for Viva La Juicy.

6. Lake & Skye 11 11

Vegan, sulfate- and cruelty-free!
Lake & Skye 11 11, Eau de Parfum, 0.5 oz
$36.00 ($72.00 / Fl Oz)


✅ Unisex versatility, perfect for all who appreciate subtle elegance

✅ Ethereal, clean scent


❌ Premium pricing might not be accessible for all budgets

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03/13/2024 06:15 pm GMT

If you’re searching for the best cherry perfume that offers a unique, clean, and uplifting scent experience, Lake & Skye 11 11 is a fabulous choice.

The versatility of this perfume strikes me every time I wear it. It’s marketed as unisex, and indeed, it doesn’t lean overbearingly masculine or feminine. This balance makes it a piece of olfactory artistry anyone could cherish.

It’s heartwarming to know that Lake & Skye prioritizes sustainability and ethical sourcing. How often do you find a perfume that’s as mindful about its impact as it is about the allure it provides? It’s paraben, phthalate, and sulfate-free, and it’s vegan and cruelty-free.

7. GUESS Bella Vita

Amazon's Choice & over 2000 positive ratings!
Bella Vita, GUESS, Eau de Parfum Perfume For Women, 1.7 Oz
$37.08 ($21.81 / Fl Oz)


✅ Luxuriously rich cherry scent

✅ Perfect balance of sweetness

✅ Long-lasting fragrance


❌ Might be too bold for some

❌ The initial burst can feel overpowering

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03/14/2024 03:00 am GMT

The top note of black cherry sweeps you off your feet, adding a touch of luxe to any outfit.

The balance between sweetness and sophistication in GUESS Bella Vita is quite the charmer, undoubtedly living up to the glamour it promises. As for the warm, creamy base notes, they’ve wrapped around me like a cozy blanket, providing a comforting backdrop to the seductive cherry and floral medley.

While the scent does tend to mellow, a midday touch-up brings it right back to its full glory, reviving that bold first impression. I’ve learned that a little goes a long way, else it risks overshadowing its inherent subtleties.

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